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Radiation Protection and Solutions Limited

Providers of Quality Solutions to Radiation Projects

We have more than 25 years experience of providing cost effective, quality radiation shielding and radiation engineering solutions. Our main activities include the design  and testing of medical and industrial structural shielding for gamma & X-rays, protons, neutrons and for magnetic fields.

Our designs are based on deterministic as well as computational algorithms such as finite element and Monte Carlo techniques and we provide integrated solutions for new as well as for upgrade projects from initial evaluations to post-construction testing.

Our Integrated Radiation Shielding and Evaluation services including:
  • Structural shielding solutions as well as radiation monitoring & dosimetry
  • Pre-installation site surveys for magnetic resonance facilities, magnetic shielding design and post-construction magnetic fringe field surveys
  • Radiation protection advice and consultation for radiation Engineering and solutions
  • QuantaShieldTM
    Our Versatile Product for Radiation Shielding